OVERVIEW:  The BFF-Lined basket strainer is an FRP design with a PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, or PVDF thermoplastic liner & basket screen for special chemical services in a 150# Class. The composite laminate construction provides structural strength and optimizes chemical resistance with the use of the appropriate liner.  The PVC/CPVC lined strainers are well suited for PVC/CPVC piping systems, especially for 4" diameters and above.

If the chemical, pressure, temperature, and other pertinent information is provided, Stayflow can choose the appropriate material combination. In general, the thermoplastic linings have the following characteristics:

·     Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC has excellent resistance to acids, alkalies, and salt solutions among many others. It has long life at 73°F.

·    Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride - CPVC has similar properties to PVC at 73°F, but has a temperature correction factor that is more favorable for high temperature applications.

·     Polypropylene - It is chemically resistant to many compounds, and maintains its pressure ratings at higher temperatures. It is light with good strength, and is resistant to most acids and alkalies, but should not be used with oxidizing acids, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and aromatics.

·     PVDF - It is strong and abrasion resistant, and retains most of its strength to 280°F. Of all the thermoplastics, PVDF has the greatest combination of strength, chemical resistance and working pressure.

·    The BFF strainers utilize a basket screen and cover that is the same material as the liner.  The cover top is available with quick lock tops, and standard bolted tops for more severe service. They are all provided with 150# floating flanged ends.

Utilizing full flow ports, the basket open area averages six times the cross sectional area of the pipe. Pressure drop through strainers is determined by the line size flow rate, specific gravity and the percent of open area in the basket. Individual pressure drop vs. fouling charts are available from the factory. Perforations on the screens are 1/8" on 3/16" centers, or as specified.

The BFF Model strainers are special FRP construction with no liners. The BFF-LTE Model is also avaiable for less severe service such as commercial aquatic service including swimming pools and water parks with pressures under 50 and 75 psi. 

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 BFF-LINED   2   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      40   11   10.5   18.5   LINED   BFFLINED0200 
 BFF-LINED   3   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      41   11   10.5   18.5   LINED   BFFLINED0300 
 BFF-LINED   4   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      48   13.75   11.625   21.25   LINED   BFFLINED0400 
 BFF-LINED   6   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      69   18   16   26.5   LINED   BFFLINED0600 
 BFF-LINED   8   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      100   20   21.5   34.5   LINED   BFFLINED0800 
 BFF-LINED   10   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      140   22   23   37.5   LINED   BFFLINED1000 
 BFF-LINED   12   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      226   27.5   31.625   46.75   LINED   BFFLINED1200 
 BFF-LINED   14   150# FLTG FLANGES   150      275   35   32.5   49   LINED   BFFLINED1400