Actuators & Controls

OVERVIEW:  A full offering of quality pneumatic and electric actuators and associated control elements allow for full automation of valve operation. Includes indicators, limit switches, positioners, and more.

  • The Series C Actuator's quality rack-pinion construction offers a broad range of torques to 28,500 in-lbs. They operate ball and butterfly valves that require a quarter-turn movement.

  • The Series B Actuator's heavy duty rack-pinion construction offers a broad range of torques to 1,565,800 in-lbs. They operate ball and butterfly valves that require a quarter-turn movement.

  • The Inox Series is a stainless steel double acting and spring return service pneumatic rack & pinion actuator. It is priced competitively with special coated Aluminum Rack and Pinion quarter turn actuators.

  • The Kompact 4 quarter-turn rack & pinion actuator is a unique compact rack & pinion design with four pistons for applications where space & weight are of major concern.

  • The V-Series Positioner is summed up in one word: Simplicity. Changing a Pneumatic Positioner to an Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, adding a limit switch and/or position transmitter module, or adding gauges is a simple procedure.

  • The INDICATEUR DIRECT is the direct-mount visual valve position indicator of choice. In addition to superior valve position indication, the unit has a rugged design suited to withstand harsh plant environments and operations.

  • Moniteur Series limit switches are an industry leader, and come in two basic versions. Watchman TM and Sentinel TM.

  • Air-Con SV Direct Solenoids are custom-designed pilot type valves for use with pneumatic actuators, offering a direct-mount feature which eliminates interconnecting tubing and fittings.

  • Stayflow’s Dribble Control Systems effectively converts a ball valve into a two stage shutoff valve for the exact measurement and filling of ingredients required in batch processing.

  • Stayflow Pro-Torq’s ELO Series electric actuators are designed and produced to provide years of service in demanding industrial environments. These quarter-turn units provide torque ranges from 300 lbf-in up through 177,000 lbf-in

  • The D400 is a microprocessor based “intelligent” instrument that can be mounted to rotary or linear pneumatic actuators for accurate positioner control. This unit, while sophisticated in its accuracy and performance, is simple to mount and calibrate,

  • The V200 incorporates the flexibility of converting from a pneumatic unit to several versions of an electropneumatic unit, and has the ability to add position feedback in a matter of minutes. All-in-one compact and rugged housing allows maximum flexibility and versatility.

  • Max-Gear Series manual worm gear operators are designed to be used as 1/4 turn actuators for applications on ball, butterfly, plug valves requiring a self-locking mechanism. Torque Range: 1,327 in-lb - 70,800 in-lb.

  • The basic options and accessories listed in this section represent many of the most commonly used for pneumatic actuation of PVC and CPVC Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves. They can be factory configured to order on the actuation package that comes with the valve.