OVERVIEW:  The V-Series is summed up in one word: Simplicity. Changing a Pneumatic Positioner to an Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, adding a limit switch and/or position transmitter module, or adding gauges is a simple procedure. Total field upgradeability. The V-Series offers true modularity to simplify changes, minimize inventory, and ease servicing. 

The 1/P Converter has been designed to provide flawless automatic compensation for supply pressure, atmospheric pressure, and ambient temperature changes - all standard! Integral RFI protection as well!

    • PPA Composite, 300SS Port Rings for Enclosure. • 0.25% Max, 0.10 Typical Resolution.
    • LEXAN Indicator Lens. • 99.75% Min, 99.90% Typical Repeatability.
    • BUNA N Signal Diaphragm O-Rings. • 0.50% Max, 0.25% Typical Hysteresis.
    • Stainless Steel Spool Valve. • 250 Single Acting, 500 Double Acting 
    • Special Materials I/P Converter.  Gain @80psig.
      • -40 to 150F Temperature Range.


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