OVERVIEW:  The Series C Actuator's quality rack-pinion construction offers a broad range of torques to 28,500 in-lbs. They are designed to operate ball and butterfly valves that require a quarter-turn movement for on-off throttling service.

Ball valves that include a prepackaged and tested C Actuators include the Fusion Series, Econoflo Threaded DM Series, Econoflo Flanged DM Series, Full-Flo Series, and Uni-Flo Series. With spring return or double acting, at 60 or 80psig.

Stayflow also provides valve automation accessories, including Limit Switches, Positioners, Solenoid Valves, and Mounting Hardware. Additional similar actuator models include the A Series Actuator with stainless steel construction, and the B Series Actuator for high torque output and aluminum body.

    • Extruded Aluminum Body with standard hard  • Torque Range at 80psig Air: Double Acting
      anodized finish and polished internal surfaces.  115 - 28,500 in-lbs.
    • Die Cast Aluminum End Caps powder polyester  • Torque Range at 80psig Air: Spring Return
      paint, PTFE or nickel plated.  50 - 16,500 in-lbs.
      open and closed positions for precise  • Cylce Life up to 1 million cycles.
      valve alignment. • Independent Travel Stop Adjustment of 5° in both 
    • High Precision Nickel Alloy Steel Blow-out Proof   open and closed positions for precise valve
      Pinion provides corrosion protection and fully   alignment.
      conforms to ISO 5211 and NAMUR standards. • High Performance Pre-loaded Spring Cartridges 
    • Dual Opposed Rack Pistons with low friction  allow for greater safety and longer spring life.
      bearings and guides for high performance  • Available with Different Color End Caps.
      and fast response. • Position Indicator with NAMUR slot for ease of
    • NAMUR Solenoid Mounting Design permits    accessory mounting.
      direct mounting of solenoid valves. • Pistons can be easily inverted for reversing
    • Stainless Steel 304 Fasteners as standard.  rotation.
    • High Quality O-rings provides trouble-free   
      operation for a wide range of   
      temperature applications.  
    • Optional Corrosion Protection available for   
      body and end caps.  
    • All Models are CE Certified.  
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