OVERVIEW:  The Kompact 4 quarter-turn rack & pinion actuator is a unique compact rack & pinion design with four pistons for applications where space & weight are of major concern. It generates torque around a centrally located pinion, giving more than double the torque of single & double rack & pinion designs. The increased number of pistons allow their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque, allow the reduced size

Stayflow also provides valve automation accessories, including Limit Switches, Positioners, Solenoid Valves, and Mounting Hardware.

    • Internally anodized body for corrosion resistance. • Bi-Directional stroke adjustment.
    • Spring return covers with extended  • ISO-5211 bottom flange for valve automation.
      screws for safe release. • NAMUR output drive for installation of limit 
    • Air connections are 1/4" NPT located on a     switches and positioners.
      NAMUR manifold, with Port A above Port B. • Available in Spring Return and Double 
    • Bi-Directional travel stops allow for true 5°    Acting models.
      travel adjustment. • NAMUR interface for mounting of solenoid valve.
      • Fast Acting Travel.


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