OVERVIEW:  Stayflow Pro-Torq’s ELO Series electric actuators are designed and produced to provide years of service in demanding industrial environments such as chemical processing, waste and water treatment, power generation, oil & gas, marine, mining and building services. These quarter-turn units drive dampers, ball valves, butterfly valves or inlet guide vanes that require torque ranges from 300 lbf-in up through 177,000 lbf-in.

Ball valves that include a prepackaged and tested ELO Actuators include the Fusion Series, Econoflo Threaded DM Series, Econoflo Flanged DM Series, Full-Flo Series, and Uni-Flo Series

The ELO Series housings are designed to meet NEMA 4X environmental demands, with ISO-5211 compliant mounting that readily mounts up to most valves in the industries served. Featuring an epicyclic transmission system, the ELO Series provides highly efficient multiplication of motor power to produce uniquely compact torque ranges compared to other technologies. A clutch-free manual override system provides full-time override capabilities during powered or un-powered events, and allows for simple adaptation for overhead chain-wheel drive installations.

The ELO Series is built based on global design standards, including ISO-5211 mechanical transmission specifications. We offer operating voltage ranging from 12vac/vdc to 575v 3 phase, with options for on/off and modulating control as well as several industry bus communications capabilities.

Based on industry proven epicyclic technologies, the ELO Series provides smooth, efficient transmission of motor torque in a compact package. The epicyclic design negates the need for a brake, as the technology is self-locking. NA8 and larger units offer a standard clutchless manual override capability and are equipped with two auxiliary switches and an internal heater as standard.


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