OVERVIEW: The HP Plus Series High Performance Butterfly Valves specialize in a wide selection of special alloy bodies, including Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex, and others. These high end material butterfly valves use a double or triple off-set eccentric disc with a seat ring, and other features for a superior valve. Lug, Wafer, and Flanges styles are available, along with most all configurations. The HP Plus comes in pressure classes of 150# and 300#, and from 2" to 110"" diameters. See all the details in the HP Plus Butterfly Valve Technical Brochure. Also see the HP Series Butterfly Valves for double offset designs with carbon and stainless steel bodies.

Triple offset designs are also available in addition to double offset for the ultimate in life extension. The third offset is the geometry of the seating area. This seating surface creates a cone shape of the disc and seat, which wedges into the seat with very minimal contact between the sealing surfaces until fully closed. By reducing the amount of contact that the seat has with the disc, sealing becomes more efficient and the life of the valve is extended.

All shells are tested to 150% of rated pressure with the disc open, and hydrostatic seat tested for bi-directional positive shutoff without leakage at 110% of rated pressure. We also test for absence of leakage into valve shaft bearing areas.

Stayflow offers a broad line of automation systems for precise proportioning or on-off control in either pneumatic or electrically powered actuators. Contact factory with your special alloy and automation applications for assistance.

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