OVERVIEW: Efficiency and reliability through simplicity of design is supplemented by the adjustable spring accelerator of the Slamblock Check Valve. The short disc stroke, flexing action of the valve's disc, and spring accelerator reduce the closing time of the valve reduce slam surges. Unmatched reliability is achieved by minimizing moving parts in this innovative design. Tested in accordance with AWWA C508. 2" to 48" diameters. For complete details, see the Product Literature.


  • Includes Innovative Leaf Spring to Quickly Speed Disc Closure, along with Short 35 degree Stroke
  • Non-Clog Design with 100% Flow Area
  • Two Moving Parts for Long Life and Minimal Maintenance
  • Short Disc Stroke
  • 250psi Rating


  • Municipal and Industrial Service when Efficiency and Reliability are Desired, and Speed of Disc Closure for Slam Prevention should be considered
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