OVERVIEW: The Model FT Tee strainers (T strainers) are custom made to meet your need in any size.  They are available in any size, with 150, 300, or 600# RF flanges or butt weld ends, and in carbon steel or stainless steel.  For steam, water, oil or gas, in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

The T strainers are compact and easily accessible, and are used in service similar to temporary conical strainers, but with their own housing. This allows the screen to be extracted after startup is complete, or the screen can be left in place as an additional permanent safeguard. 

Unless otherwise specified, a 6 mesh, 1/8" perforated 304 stainless steel screen will be supplied, but different size perforations and meshes are available in stainless steel, monel, and brass. ASME U Stamp certification is available.

See the submittal sheet for additional standard technical data. Contact the factory with your application.

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