OVERVIEW: The Cryo Series Ball Valves are for low temperature and cryogenic applications, usually involving liquefied gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, fluorine, helium, and methane. With flange, FNPT thread, socket weld, butt weld ends, in sizes 1/4" to 4". Fire safe and anti-static. Class 150, Class 300, Class 600, Class 900, 1500psi.

Also see our Cryogenic Butterfly Valves, 2" to 36", Class 150 and 300. 

    • Threaded, SW, BW, Flanged Ends  • Anti-Static Design 
    • Carbon Steel (WCB) Body Material  • ISO 5211 Direct Mount Pad for Easy Actuation 
    • TFM, Super Tek III, PCTFE, Cryotek Seat Material  • Live Loaded Stem Packing 
    • Cleaned and Degreased • One Piece, High Strength Blowout Proof 
        Stem Design 
      • Encapsulated Body Seals prevent Cold Flow 
      • Components Cleaned & Degreased Rigid Body 
      • Construction Minimizes Thermnal Shrinkage 
      • Fugitive Emission Compliance Unidirectional 
        Vented Ball


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