OVERVIEW: The Cryo Series cryogenic high performance butterfly valves are designed with 100% compliance with API 609 and ASME B16.34. Superior reliability with superior features are the hallmarks of these valves. In wafer, lug, and flanged designs, 2" to 36" diameters. -385F to 250F. The industry leading valve is produced to the highest quality standards to handle the most difficult medias, including liquid oxygen, liquid natural gas, and other cryogenic liquids.

FEATURES: The double offset design is an ideal option for cryogenic service, due to its non-friction, metal-to-metal seal that provides bubble-tight shut-off and the long term integrity of the sealing menchanism. Floating seat design fullfills bi-directional, drop tight zero leakage shutoff throughout all pressure ranges. With reduced friction between the disc and the seat significantly extends to operation life cycle. High end materials and design features for unparalled performance can be reviewed in the product literature.

APPLICATIONS: Inustries served include LNG Power, including LNG storage tanks, LNG receiving terminals, LNG liquefaction, LNG engines or gas turbines. Oher industries include Petrochemical, Chemical, and Oil & Gas, and all other cryogenic service.

See the Product Literature for all other details. Also see our Cryogenic Ball Valves, 1/4" to 4", Classes 150 to 1500.


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