OVERVIEW: The high quality double flanged performance AWWA C504 butterfly valves are available in 150# class (3" to 96") or 300# class (4" to 60"). They feature a double offset eccentric disc and self-sealing seat, which makes the torque very low, and the number of open-close cycles very high. A ductile iron body and other quality materials, along with a fully vetted design, make this valve a top choice for demanding applications where trouble free service is wanted. For on-off service and throttling with relatively clean water. 

FEATURES: Easy to handle and maintain, and fast at stopping flow. AWWA C504 approved, WRAS approved rubber and NSF 61 approved coating for use in potable water systems. Heavy duty design and quality materials.

APPLICATIONS: Applications include water, water treatment plants, water distribution, power plants, and other industrial plants. Hand wheel with worm gear operator, or pneumatic or electric actuators.

See all other additional details in the Product Literature. Also see our AWWA C508 Swing Full Body Check Valves, as well our AWWA C518 Double Disc Check Valves

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